Notarius Publicus i Göteborg 
Notarius Publicus i Göteborg, Partille och Öckerö sedan 1970-talet

Contact information (Please scroll down for FAQ section)

Visiting address               Drottninggatan 38, 4th floor                 

Phone number              031-799 10 90
Address                           Advokatfirman Lindahl, Notarius Publicus, Box 11911, 40439 Göteborg, Sweden      



What are your opening hours?


You can find our opening hours here.

Do I have to make an appointment?

 Yes, please make an appointment, 

from 1st of September 2021 we only accept booked appointments, you can book your appointment here.

For pick-up only, you do not have to book an appointment.

How much does the services cost?


The cost for the services varies depending on the service required. You will be informed of the exact cost upon your visit. We accept payment by credit cards and Swish.

When will my documents be ready?


Normally your documents will be ready the next working day. You will be informed of the exact day when you hand in the documents.

Where are you located?


We are located in the town centre of Gothenburg on Drottninggatan 38,  4th floor.

Do you offer translation services?


No, we do not offer translation services. For these services please visit the website of Kammarkollegiet.

Do you accept protest of a bill (Sw. växelprotester)? 


No, we do not accept protest of a bill (Sw. växelprotester). For these services please contact the Swedish Enforcement Agency.