Notarius Publicus i Göteborg 
Notarius Publicus i Göteborg, Partille och Öckerö sedan 1970-talet

Our services

Notaries Public are appointed by the County Administrative Board in accordance with the Notary Public Ordinance (1982:327). Axel Weibull is appointed as Notary Public and Shervin Shikhan and Anna Ramsay are appointed as deputy Notary Public. The most commom services Notary Public performs are:

• verifying signatures, copies, translations, and other data concerning the content in various documents,

• issue ‘apostilles’ (a certificate under Article 6, first paragraph of the Hague Convention of 5 October 1961 regarding abolishing the requirement of legalisation for foreign public documents). Notary Public may also inter alia:

• witness when storage rooms are opened or closed, or when seals are put in place or are broken,

• supervise lottery draws, 

• confirm that someone is qualified to do certain things, or that someone has the competence or capacity to represent someone else.

Please note that we do not accept protest of a bill (Sw. växelprotester). For such services please contact the Swedish Enforcement Agency.